GovBid USA


GovBidUSA was founded to offer government entities a source of surplus auction and sales services with customer service from beginning to end. Our company understands the many costs associated with surplus assets including storage, maintenance and personnel to manage these assets can become expensive. By providing customized marketing plans for each customer, we strive to get you the most money possible for each asset we sell for you in a timely manner. From individual pieces to entire fleets, our team has the knowledge and experience to get you the results you need.


Our company has conducted live, online and or evaluation services for these entities and more:

  • US Bankruptcy Court
  • US Marshalls
  • FDIC
  • RTC
  • City of Charlotte
  • Municipalities of all sizes
  • US Attorneys
  • FSA
  • USDA

Our teams of auction and asset evaluation professionals have won awards on the state, national and international levels. We have conducted auctions in 16 US states, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Northern Ireland, England, Belgium, Germany and Australia. 

We look forward to serving you with all your surplus needs! 

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