Our Services

Live On-site Auctions

Since the 1970’s our firm has conducted on-site auctions of millions of dollars in assets for various government entities throughout the United States. On-site auctions allow bidders to do detailed preview of information prior to or during the auction to make a sound buying decision. Previews are done on a specified date and time. By offering online bidding at our live on-site auctions, we allow any qualified bidder the capability to bid from anywhere in the World. 

 Online Only Auctions

Internet technology has revolutionized the auction industry. Our customized mobile friendly online only or timed auction platform allows bidders to place a bid or max bid and then the software handles the bidding on their behalf. Bidders are notified if they are outbid and offered a link to go back and bid again. Our company has sold land, recycling trucks, fire trucks, vehicles, equipment, specialized machinery and many other assets in online only sales. 

Virtual Auctions

With our state of the art bidding platform, we regularly conduct live outcry auctions with an auctioneer of assets located in multiple states from our corporate headquarters. All assets are sold by picture and/or video. Previews are done either by appointment only or at a scheduled time prior to the day of sale. 

Fleet Valuations 

All types of assets are needed to make a government entity operate. Valuing those assets can be a difficult task. We offer a wide range of fleet valuation services from trucks, cars and equipment, to office furniture computers and other assets. Whether a replacement valuation is needed for insurance and other purpose or a liquidation appraisal is needed prior to removing assets from inventory or fleet. Our company conducts all of its appraisals based on the standards set forth by the Appraisal Foundation which is authorized by Congress as the source of Appraisal Standards and Appraiser Qualifications. 

Upcoming Auctions